About SKP / Company Background

PT. Sinar Kokoh Persada founded on July 31st, 1998 with Act of Incorporation No.12, Notary Dr. Widjojo Wilami S.H as a Limited Liability Company. The purpose of its establishment is to participate in the field of trade, transportation, Construction, Industry, agribusiness, mining in Indonesia. To achieve its objectives and goals, SKP is capable to conduct the following business activities: Trading, Including export import, distributor, general supplier, agency, and also as authorized agen from company domestic and international. Transportation in land, including passengers and goods. Contractor, Administering, Planning and supervising for buildings construction, housing, roads, landscaping, and cabling installation including electricity etc. Stainless steel industry : agribusiness, forestry, livestock, agriculture; mining.In anticipating opportunities and chalenges in the changinmg and increasing business activity, SKP has strengthened its organizational structure and improved the quality of human resources including recruitment of experienced and skilled staff. SKP maintains cooperation with several international companies such as Cemb Balancing Machine from Italy, Chubb Fire Extinguisher from Singapore and Industrial Paint Beta Chemie from Indonesia. Presently, SKP is a registered Supplier to the Indonesian Navy and Army Headquarters and has been entrusted to handle and complete several projects successfully as scheduled. The management and staffs of SKP are commited to become your trusted, and reliable business.

About SKP / President Commisoners

Johny Petsie Ratu, SE, MM

President Commisioner

Since the monetary crisis spread out in 1997 which developed into economic crisis, the Indonesian serviceand real sector have not fully recovered. The main business players referred to as “Black Conglomerates” were blamed to have contributed to monetary crisis in Indonesia. Their ways of doing business have been associated with collusion, corruption and unsound business ethic. PT. Sinar Kokoh Persada (“SKP”) is established during the crisis era as a small scale business entity With the passage of time and the changing of business environments, SKP has increased its capital and upgrade its management structure to become a medium scale business entity. Accordingly, SKP has positioned itself to enhance both the support and service coverage to its business partners. The vision of SKP is “To become a trusted and reliable business partner, understand the need of its partner as well as supporting the plans and programs of the Government of Republic Indonesia.” In essence, SKP is established to carry out a compliance based and mutually benefit ting business paradigm. We, the Board of Commissioners, Directors and the entire management are ready to implement the vision.

About SKP / Our Values

To become a trusted and reliable business partner, understand the need of its partner as as suporting the plans and program of the Government of Republic Indonesia

  • Remain #1 in customer satisfaction
  • Provide the highest quality of SIS system products and related services
  • Become the most trusted partner for GOI
  • Employ the latest and secure technology
  • Honor all commitments to our customers
  • Provide flexible and adaptable solutions targeted to GOI with varied needs
  • Sustain our corporate culture and foster a positive work environtment
  • Team work and commitment to treating others with respect, trust and dignity
  • Career Development
  • Continuity and sustainability innovation
  • A commitment to being customer-centric
  • Fun and eagemess

Organizational Strcture

SKP Feels confident in affording our clients, especially for government, millitary, and law enforcement officers of ROI, of all their critical needs in a form of suitable and right solutions. This strong feeling of always eager to fulfill client’s need and provide the best service as much as possible is being part of our corporate values and cultures